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Why Remove Trees?

Gabi Bautista
Social Media Guru & Blog Publisher
Often times, people ask why do you takedown trees? There could be a couple reasons why it would be necessary for a full removal. For instance:
  1. Natural Cause: This could be from major temperature changes, mineral/soil deficiencies, or inclement weather that can bend or knock down trees.
  2. Infected Tree - The tree could have an insect infestation. The insect feeds off from the tree take away important nutrients that it needs to live. Other diseases are caused by fungus that could be found in the soil that harms the roots of trees. Others are noticeable on the leaves, or bark and twigs.
  3. Human Causes - When improper maintenance is done to the tree, pollution, and destruction is done to its environment.
  4. Safety - Location plays a big role when it comes to trees and when you want to incorporate them with homes and buildings. Building a home means things go above and underneath the ground. Sometimes trees need to be removed for that reason because they could be hazardous leaning on the home or the things underground. Also, the width and height is important to consider. Overtime, trees grow tall and have powerful roots, so monitor the distance you plant a tree to the home or garage because that could interfere as well.

Princeton Tree Care will try to do what is best for the tree and client, guaranteed. ;)