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Trees to Plant if You're a Bird Lover

Himni Palacios
Content Contributor

Planting trees for some gives them great joy and happiness and for others planting trees for the chance of a bird sighting is even better. Nature never ceases to showcase its wonders and birds are one of them. These fluttering creatures love to take shelter in the crevasses and branches of some beautiful trees. And for some tree owners that is a wonderful addition to their tree.

While may initially think a way to attract birds is by hanging up a bird feeder or even displaying a bird bath but another cool way to attract birds are by planting certain trees. Below, you can read all about how trees can attract birds.

Best Trees to Plant for Birds

The best trees for birds are ones that are native to your area. It provides a feeling of familiarity and it'll be easier for them to want to take shelter on its branches. Some other important factors are the tree’s fruit, what type of insects the tree attracts and the amount of shelter the tree provides for nesting and safety. Here are a few bird-friendly trees for a variety of planting zones:

What is a Planting Zone?

If you are wondering what a planting zone may be, wonder no longer. A zone represents ten degrees of temperature difference. There are different types temperature differences and those are divided into "a" and "b" segments. If you'd like to know what planting zone your area may reside in, reference this article for more information.

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