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NYOP | Name Your Own Price | Promo Ends 12.31

Previously only available to existing clients, the NAME YOUR OWN PRICE promotion is available for a limited time on tree care services.




- Visit - www.princetontreecare.com/nyop

- On the contact form:

1. Enter your contact info (name, phone, email and address)

2. Enter existing "Quote #" if applicable OR a new "NYOP Scope of Work," writing a brief description of the work you would like performed for the price being named.

3. NAME YOUR PRICE! Tax and debris disposal costs will be added to the price you name.

4. Click "Submit" - by clicking submit, you understand that you are agreeing to have the work performed at the price you named.

A member of our Team will be in contact with you shortly in the beginning of the new year.

Note: If you have been given a quote and can not locate it, request to have a copy of the quote emailed to you.



By submitting your own price, you agree to have the work performed at the price you have named (subject to review prior to approval)

"Name Your Own Price" offer ends on December 31st at 11:59pm.

If you are naming your own price for an existing quote, the work scopes within the quote or specific line items in the quote apply, without exclusion.

If naming your own price for new work, if the work scope is clear (i.e "remove dead ash tree in the front center yard down to the stump," then one of our Arborists will stop by and review your NYOP offer and you will receive an email with the outcome of your offer. If the work scope is not clear or requires further details to be reviewed, a Team member will be in contact to schedule an overview of the work you would like performed.

> This promotion does not apply to agreements that have currently been signed.

> This promotion does not apply to emergency work, nutrient installments, plant health care or tree injections.

> Tree debris disposal is a separate and additional cost from the tree work

Work will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

"Name Your Own Price" work will be performed between January 3rd and March 15th.



Although we love high fives and thankyou's, our Crew still desires to go home to their families with the means to put food on the table. All "Name Your Own Price" offers will be considered.

> The NYOP is for the tree work and/or stump grinding. Debris disposal and tax is added to your price being named as these are pass-along costs.

> In the event that the Team would operate at a loss, a counter-offer will be provided. You are not obligated to accept our counteroffer.



While most lumberjacks enjoy sitting around the fire while sipping hot cocoa during the down season, our Team has passion and is eager to keep moving forward.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to Name Your Own Price and we are eager to work with you in the care of your trees.