ALERT:  Emerald Ash Borer is in New Jersey. Learn More.
ALERT:  Spotted Lantern Fly is in New Jersey. Learn More.
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tree care planning

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Princeton Tree Care works as a partner in understanding your tree care goals coupled with the care needed for your trees.

Proactive care enhances the life and look of your trees.

Our arborists also partner with communities and managed properties to create a tree care reserve study, mapping out annual tree pruning, tree fertilization and removal budgets.

tree trimming & pruning

Trees are pack animals and thrive in their natural habitat, the forest.

In our yards, trees face challenges as they grow that requires our assistance to help them live with us symbiotically. 

Pruning performed by a trained arborist will assist your trees to maintain form and health as you maintain the desired use and aesthetic of your property. Proper pruning can also reduce the risk of tree failure, improving our safety.

technical tree removals

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Trees often need to be removed for safety, for necessity, and for development.

Through our investment in skill development and equipment to make the job safer, our Team can assist in safely removing even the most technical of trees.

We have improved efficiency through performing tree removals with cranes and yard friendly equipment to remove the tree debris.

air spading

Trees get their water and nutrition from the soil. Trees thrive when the health of the soil is good.

In our yards and along streets, the soil around the root system of our timber friends becomes compacted from foot traffic, lawn mowers, etc.

When this happens, the soil quality diminishes. By blasting air through compacted soil, air spading loosens soil, making it easier for the roots to absorb water and nutrients while also improving soil drainage.

emerald ash borer (eab) prevention

Emerald ash borer is an invasive insect that quickly and effectively kills ash trees.

Arborists are able to help protect your ash trees through injecting the ash tree with a chemical that kills the emerald ash borer insect.

It is important to inject trees before the tree starts to show significant signs of stress from the insects. Stress from emerald ash borer often appears in the tree as a thinning upper canopy.

oak tree bacterial leaf scorch (bls) protection

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Bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) is a terminal disease that killing our oak trees in New Jersey. BLS is a fast spreading disease that restricts the trees ability to transport nutrients throughout the trees canopy.

Tree IV's installed by our arborists are used to inject the tree with a bacterial suppressant to support the tree in fighting the disease.

When oak trees are treated early enough, the treatment can extend the life of the treated oak tree.

organic tree fertilization

A good nutrition plan extends the life and improves the aesthetics of our arbor friends.

Yard trees lack basic nutrition from the soil. Our deep root feeding not only provides the trees a boost in essential nutrients, but it also acts as a soil conditioner.

Improved soil welcomes earth worms, encourages stronger tree roots, and greatly improves the tree root biomass. Healthier trees improves the communities around New Jersey. Plan(t) for the Future!

cabling and bracing

Hazardous and inclement weather is becoming all to common in New Jersey. For increased tree safety, our trained arborists can install cabling to support tree limbs and leads, reduce stress on crucial parts of the tree and make all the difference during inclement weather.

Cabling and bracing can make all the difference in protecting your tree during a weather event. When the wind blows or when there is an increased load from snow or ice, the cabling acts as a support to reduce the risk of failure in the tree.

We utilize a non-invasive weaved synthetic cabling system, allowing us to provide safety without drilling into the tree. i

emergency tree removal

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Princeton Tree Care has an emergency response Team serving New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania, day or night.

Through the use of cranes, grapple trucks and other debris handling equipment, we are able to remove trees off of homes and structures while minimizing any additional damage.

We provide emergency tree removal services for home owners, municipalities, managed properties and commercial properties.

new jersey managed property tree care

We have dedicated Tree Care arborists focused on the professional and proactive care of managed properties all over New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania.

In addition to performing tree pruning, removal of dead or hazardous trees, stump grinding, tree fertilization; we also assist with community wide tree care planning through the creation of of a detailed reserve study.

We believe the keys to a successful relationship in this space is quick responsiveness,  proactive communication, and working as an extension of your Team to care for the needs of the trees in the community while remaining friendly and professional during the process.

specialists when it comes to areas with hard to reach access

Princeton Tree Care uses tracked lifts (also known as spider lifts) which are large aerial platform devices, to safely access tough to reach areas.

Our Team is focused on protecting your property through the duration of your project. We use ground protection mats to help reduce our impact on your property.

stump grinding

Trees get their water and nutrition from the soil. Trees thrive when the health of the soil is good.

In our yards and along streets, the soil around the root system of our timber friends becomes compacted from foot traffic, lawn mowers, etc.

When this happens, the soil quality diminishes. By blasting air through compacted soil, air spading loosens soil, making it easier for the roots to absorb water and nutrients while also improving soil drainage.

additional services

Our additional services include mulching to help moisture stay around the root zone of the trees while keeping foot traffic and lawn mowing equipment away from the trees root zone and trunk, hanging epic swings, cat rescue, drone recovery and totem pole carving (results will vary =)

serving most of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

PTC is a full service tree care company, proudly serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania, specifically all of Mercer County, Princeton, West Windsor, East Windsor, Lawrenceville, Hamilton, Ewing, Hopewell, Kingston, Pennington, Robbinsville as well as Monmouth County, Cranbury, Princeton Meadows, Plainsboro, Franklin Park, Kendall Park, Monmouth Junction, as well as Somerset County, Rocky Hill, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Skillman, Franklin Township, Lambertville, Stockton, Amwell, East Amwell, as well as Lower Bucks County, Yardley, New Hope, Newtown, Upper Makefield, Fairless Hills and Langhorne.
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ALERT: Emerald Ash Borer is in NJ & PA

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive insect that spreads fast and quickly kills ash trees. If you have ash trees, you are at risk. 

Learn more about EAB, how to identify an ash tree and what to do for treatment...

learn more

ALERT: Spotted Lantern Fly is Here

Spotted Lantern Fly

Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) is an invasive insect the disturbs quality of life as it feeds on our trees and plants.

Learn more about SLF, and what to do for treatment...

learn more

about princeton tree care

our mission.

enhancing lives, communities, and our planet

Princeton Tree Care is based in Mercer County in Princeton New Jersey. Our mission is the genuine care of our life giving trees. Professional service to our clients is our highest mission. The Princeton Tree Care experience enhances lives, improves community and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our planet.

Tree Fertilizer

our roots.

from seed to sapling and beyond

After Sandy in Princeton, New Jersey, a father and son armed with their camping axes took to the streets of their neighborhood to assist in clearing downed trees from across driveways. What started as an act of service quickly grew into a passion. Princeton Tree Care was formed in 2013, set on becoming one of New Jersey's premier tree care services.

our philosophy.

New Jersey's Premier Tree Service

Our philosophies are focused on proper tree care and health.
Through proper care, we can extend the stay of our valuable life
giving trees. Utilizing proactive maintenance and pruning techniques, we greatly increase our safety while helping to protect the structure of our timber friends.

Princeton Tree Care Team Photo

our team.

dedicated to learning and progression

Our entire Team is empowered to do the right thing for themselves, their fellow Crew members, our clients and the trees we care for. We share in company decisions as well as earned profits. We believe in and understand the power of KARMA.

Tim Bruchez
Founder, CTSP, QCL, TRAQ & ISA Cert. Arborist
Liz Bonafide
office Boss
Jackie Andrejco
Office Manager
Elwood Ganley
Operations Manager
see the rest of our team
Caleb Bruchez
Senior Safety Coordinator, CTSP
Cory Piskorski
John Nerges
Matt Noonan
Byron Sanchez
Crew Captain
Anthony Parker
Safety Coordinator / Lead Trainer, CTSP
Brandon Cruz
crew captain
Danny Fernandez
crew captain
Aalon Hemmer
Steve Deveney
Equipment Operator
Shannon McCormick
Liddy Cortina
Executive Admin & Customer Care
Gabi Bautista
Destiny Hemmer
Stephanie Lopez
Alex Velitskovich
Crane Operator
Jose Garcia
Crew Captain
Rudy Constanza
Orlando Argueta
Jaime Martinez
Greg Guagliardo
Rob Weasner
Cruz Morales
Nick Zamudio
Brandon Gregory
Cristian Morales
Carlos Diaz
Nixon Serrano
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Crane Tree Removals
PTC | Crane Crew
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PTC | Marquand Park
Monday, July 31, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Princeton, Marquand Park is a place where time stands still, and every tree tells a story.

What makes this park even more special is the dedicated team at Princeton Tree Care.  They've taken on the vital role of preserving Marquand Park's beauty and history, from meticulous pruning to ensuring safety with hazard removal.

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tree of knowledge

Providing valuable content to those interested in tree care, safety tips and most other things pertaining to our oxygen providing friends.

The root of our information comes from industry experts, arborists, tree care professionals, tree huggers and leafy type enthusiasts.
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