ALERT:  Emerald Ash Borer is in NJ & PA. Learn More.
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ALERT: Emerald Ash Borer is in NJ & PA

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive insect that spreads fast and quickly kills ash trees. If you have ash trees, you are at risk. 

Learn more about EAB, how to identify an ash tree and what to do for treatment...

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our roots.

from seed to sapling and beyond

In the past few years, disasters have been all too common. A couple of able-bodied gentleman observed neighbors in need. Through unblocking driveways and repairing fences, an epiphany was had. Princeton Tree Care was born to rise to the needs for professional and proactive tree care in our community.

our philosophy.

Princeton's Premier Tree Service

Right from our inception, we set out to be the Premier Tree Service. Our philosophies are focused on proper tree care and health. Through proper care, we can prolong the stay of our valuable life giving trees. Safety is always a top priority. Utilizing proactive maintenance and pruning techniques, we can greatly increase not only the health of the trees, but also their safety around common areas and buildings.

our team.

dedicated on learning and progression

Our team, our entire team, is empowered to do the right thing for themselves, the team, our clients and the trees we care for. We share in company decisions as well as earned profits. Our Culture helps to instill vested interest in our successes. We believe in KARMA.

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our team works hard together. and our team plays together.
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full service tree care company

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scheduled care to enhance the life and look of your trees.

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for optimal tree health - the foundation of tree care.

tree removal

for safety. for necessity. for development.

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tree care at the root level

eab prevention

saving ash trees from emerald ash borer

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organic tree fertilization, stump grinding and cabling.

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Princeton NJ, Emergency Tree Service
Thursday, February 16, 2017

The recent wind storms damaged this beautiful London plane tree. Luckily our Crew arrived to remove the hanging limb before gravity took over.

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The root of our information comes from industry experts, arborists, tree care professionals, tree huggers and leafy type enthusiasts.
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